The journey you take is divinely guided from within. It may not be what you expected or what you thought you wanted, but it is what is best for your growth. If you embrace the twists and turns and accept their purpose, your path becomes more clear, and you are able to move through these changes with grace and ease. Do not resist, I had to release my stubborness and my ego so that I could understand why things happened as they did. We are so much more than our egos, and overcoming them shows so much more strength than what ego wanted to do. The ego boost isn't necessary, you know how powerfull you are and if you stand in that power those around you will see it too. Overcoming the urge to show off is more impressive that the act itself. Humbled by my first Sundance experience. Knowing what I can do with my strength and determination yet choosing to rise above what my ego called me to do. My focused prayers were lifted without the need to pierce, I released my urge to pull my crystal grid. The weaving of my creation released a lot, and the events following asisted me in understanding even more: the ego and the urge to be in control (myself and those around me), the desire to show off and how unnecessary it all is. Ceremony is a chance to come together with your brothers and sisters, while getting away from society. Connecting to the land, to your family and within yourself. The energy of the sacred space is elevated and gathering so many high vibrational beings raises us even higher. Being in that space asists with honing our focus to manifest our prayers. Yet we all must know that ceremony is just that, asistance. We are powerfull beyond measure and do not need ceremony to do this for us. We can bring in our focus and lift our prayers on our own, we can raise our vibration with focused intention everyday. Always stay in ceremony within yourself. Keep your vibration high, honor yourself and your body temple, keep your prayers in mind at all times and they will manifest!

Love and Light of the great central Sun. We are all One.

"As above, so below. As below, so above." -The Kybalion

Thank you for following our blog, I'll admit I've never done this before but I am looking forward to sharing some amazing information about Essential Oils, crystals and other tools to assist us in rising to our most authentic, powerful and unlimited selves.

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 "Spiritual life is a lot like gardening. We till and cultivate the garden of our heart, planting seeds of presence, openness and the ability to respect whatever arises. We water each one so the things which are beautiful in us can blossom." - Jack Kornfield

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